SCAI is No Limit


The SCAI is No Limit is an AI design competition styled similarly to a game jam. The goal of this competition is to encourage members of the Santa Cruz Artificial Intelligence Club to develop a machine learning model over the course of a quarter based on a theme. The end result will be a machine learning model of the contestant’s choosing and a presentation of their results in front of the rest of the club members. The winner and runners-up will be determined by a vote of the club members, leadership, and any potential judges that are brought in.




The guidelines are as follows:
  • There are no restrictions on languages or types of model contestants are allowed to use
  • Groups of participants are restricted to no more than 4 members
  • Participants may work alone
  • To be eligible to win, participants must present their results in front of the club at large at the end of the competition
  • The use of models not of your own creation, APIs, or any already existing model will result in disqualification and being barred from future competitions. For example, the use of an API to a large language model like ChatGPT will result in disqualification. As a counterexample, using tools like “Keras” or “TensorFlow” is allowed.
  • If you need any clarification on the guidelines, do not hesitate to ask


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Previous Winners

Fall 2022
  • #1: Fish Synthesis
  • #2: Gradient Visualization
  • #3: Earthquake Prediction
  • #4: Tsunami Analysis
Winter 2023
  • #1: Sudoku Solver
  • #2: Self Adjusting PID Controller
  • #3: Brain Tumor Classification
  • #4: Spike NNs
Spring 2023
  • #1: Playlist Generator
  • #2: Terrain GPT
  • #3: Spike NNs
  • #4: Simulation Estimation
Fall 2023
  • #1: NBA Oracle
  • #2: Poker Predict
  • #3: Hedge Fund Battle Royale
  • #4: Are Your Tweets Offensive
Winter 2024
  • #1: Spam Detection
  • #2: Pokemon Gen 1 Classifier
  • #3: Identifying Squares
  • #4: Classifying Cars